Backyard Adventures is one of the world's leading producers of wooden residential outdoor play sets. Their play sets, forts and swing sets are built for maximum safety, durability and fun, and with dozens of unique play set accessories, these play systems grow with your child. Visit our showroom to view all of our Backyard Adventure play sets.

Backyard Adventures Treehouse Play Sets TREEHOUSE SERIES
The Treehouse Series is our most popular line of play sets with unlimited possibilities! Treehouse play sets are designed for parents and children to play together.

• Adventure Treehouse (5' deck height)
• Olympian Treehouse (6' deck height)
• Titan Treehouse (6' & 7' deck height)

Backyard Adventures Explorer Play Sets EXPLORER SERIES
The Explorer Series is the perfect balance between price and value. It is a high quality series with many heavy duty features like the Treehouse play sets. Explorer play sets are designed for children of all ages.

• Magellan Explorer (5' - 6' deck height)
• Mountaineer Explorer (5' - 6' deck height)

Backyard Adventures Expedition Play Sets EXPEDITION SERIES
The Expedition Series has four play set designs already loaded with valuable features. Expedition play sets are designed for children ages 3-10.

• Acadia Expedition (5' deck height)
• Glacier Expedition (5' deck height)
• Yosemite Expedition (5' deck height)
• Avalanche Expedition (5' deck height)